All-American Girl: Meg Cabot

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I just finished re-reading this book for the first time since I was about 12 or 13, and back then I absolutely loved it. Upon reading it again at 20, this book surprisingly held its own and was just as good as when I was an annoyingly peppy preteen girl.

Some aspects of the main character were a little more annoying than they were when I was 13. I mean why dye all your clothes black and be so melodramatic about being a middle child? Other than that, Meg Cabot remains as engrossing and hilarious as ever, and she is definitely still one of my old favourites.

A perfect example of a light, feel-good teen contemporary, Cabot’s humorous writing never ceases to entertain. In this novel, teen Samantha Madison finds her life forever changed when she saves the president of the United States from and assassination attempt.

All American Girl is pretty far fetched and of course none of the events would actually happen. Even if you, as a teenage girl, did happen to save the life of the president, I doubt that it would have the effect that it did on Samantha Madison. The Dali Lama would probably not send you well wishes and the Smithsonian would most likely throw out your arm cast, not display it in their museum. Yes, it is far fetched. But that’s what makes it such a hilarious and fun read. Who doesn’t want to slip into the world of a good chick lit every now and again? Seriously, if the president’s son had a crush on me, I would be one happy gal!

Definitely recommend if you’re looking for a funny Sophie-Kinsella-like read for a younger audience. Meg Cabot is always a winner and I would recommend any of her books!


To find out more about Meg Cabot and her books visit her website here –

To check out All American Girl on Goodreads click here.


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