Eleanor & Park – A Playlist

So I recently published a playlist on 8tracks that included some of the music described in Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park. FABULOUS book by the way. If you haven’t already read my review you can click here if you would like. I highly recommend this book!

Anyway, onto the music. This novel referenced some amazing music from the 80’s as well as some earlier classics. Growing up with a dad who practically raised my sisters and I on 80’s music, I did recognize some artists and songs, but not all. Once I sat down and listened to all the music I hadn’t already heard, I fell in love with it and had to make a playlist!

So here is the track list. I hope you enjoy!

  1. Love Will Tear Us Apart: The Joy Division 
  2. 867-5309/Jenny: Tommy Tutone 
  3. How Soon Is Now?: The Smiths 
  4. The Summer of ’69: Bryan Adams
  5. Bad: U2
  6. Punk Rock Girl: The Dead Milkmen
  7. In Between Days: The Cure
  8. Two of Us: The Beatles 
  9. Forever Young: Alphaville
  10. Helter Skelter: The Beatles 
  11. Romeo and Juliet: Dire Straits 
  12. Alison: Elvis Costello
  13. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out: The Smiths

So there it is! You can listen to this playlist at http://8tracks.com/ceecee83/eleanor-park



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