Falling Kingdoms: Morgan Rhodes

12954620Rating: ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️

My, oh my, this was absolutely fantastic! Without any doubt or hesitation I’m giving this one 5 full teacups, even a month after I have finished it. I loved this book! It kept me reading late into the night, homework was disregarded, my social life (ha!) fell to the wayside as I locked myself in my room to JUST. KEEP. READING. It may have been because I haven’t read anything new or particularly good recently, but this book was definitely a winner.

Falling Kingdoms follows the lives of people from the three countries of Auranos, Palesia, and Limeros in the land of Mytica. This land is fraught with tension after the murder of a wine seller’s son and it seems that a war is on the rise. In this book we get to see through the eyes of many different characters from all the countries, and this perspective change is done so efficiently that we are able to empathize with all the characters. Because of this connection you feel with everyone, you can’t really pinpoint a villain right away, however it becomes clear near the end and definitely in the sequel, Rebel Spring who is evil and who is not.

This fabulous fantasy just blew me away. I feel like I love this book way more than most people, but this story just grabbed my attention from the very beginning and didn’t let me go. I actually stayed up all night to read the majority of the book. Some characters in the book include Princess Cleo, Jonas Agallon, Prince Magnus and Princess Lucia. It was so nice to watch as each character was developed, how their stories intertwined and how feelings or connections changed between them all. Although there is a justified and deep hatred between Cleo and Jonas I completely want them to get together for reasons that become apparent near the end of the book. Also the inappropriate feelings that Magnus harbours for his sister are made a tiny bit less gross because we know that Lucia is not his blood sister. But still.Magnus didn’t know that so…. ew.

This was a story that kept me on edge. There were so many characters and events and it was just such a smooth and enjoyable read. There was no lull in the narrative for me and the plot is also full of sudden and shocking moments. While reading I gasped, laughed, cried and shouted at the book. Luckily I read this when there were no other people around… for the most part…

Aaahh… anyway… I can’t say enough about how wonderful I thought this book was, so to save you from pages and pages of what would be a big ol’ gush fest, I guess I’ll wrap it up. I actually went to Chapters before I was done Falling Kingdoms to buy the sequel, Rebel Spring, which I read immediately after I was done. I’m happy to say I LOVED that book as well and hope to review it soon.

I guess it’s obvious, but I absolutely recommend this book to anyone and everyone looking to be completely thrilled and enthralled by a book. This book sucks you in and really doesn’t let you go. Honestly I was absorbed and lost in the world this book weaved and I loved every minute of it! Go and grab your copy and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


To find out more about the Falling Kingdoms books visit the website here  –> http://www.fallingkingdoms.com/

Morgan Rhodes is the nom de plume of paranormal writer Michelle Rowen. To find out more about her other books, visit her website here –> http://www.michellerowen.com/ 


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