Me To We (Finding Meaning in a Material World): Craig and Marc Kielburger

98899Rating: ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ 1/2 

My oh my! This book is the definition of inspiration. You know how people say that they have read a book that is “life changing”?? Well… this one ACTUALLY IS LIFE CHANGING.

Me to We is a non-fiction book written by the Kielburger brothers. Craig and Marc Kielburger are the founders and heads of many charities, including Free the Children and Me to We. To find out more about these organizations, see the links below.

Essentially this book talks about how you can change your attitude and actions from a “me” mentality – that is living your life for you and you alone – to a “we” mentality – becoming a global citizen whose life makes the world a better place. One of THE MOST inspiring books I’ve read. Have I said that already?

I’m SO glad that I read Me to We when I did because I am currently a university student, and I’m standing at the precipice that is The Beginning of my Adult Life (I KNOW, THAT IS SOME SCARY STUFF). I feel that reading this book when I did has given me a HUGE advantage. Now, when I begin to make my mark on the world, I can make sure it is a good one. Now I can set the right goals and launch my life and career on the right note. Once I’m finished university I am hoping to become a high school teacher. I want to spend my summers volunteering and inspiring students to change the world and this is how I want to live Me to We! I will DEFINITELY attempt to live Me to We throughout my life! 

One of the truly great, and probably most inspiring things about this book is Craig and Marc’s assurance that you don’t need to start with a grandiose, superhuman gesture, like traveling all over the world or donating millions of dollars to charity. You can start small with any simple act of kindness, and the book includes plenty of excellent tips on how to live Me to We in our daily lives.

After reading Me to We it is impossible not to feel inspired to change the world and make everyone who comes into contact you be happy that they did! I recommend this to everyone and it most definitely belongs on EVERYONE’S Book Bucket List.

Remember! Be kind to everyone you meet and be the change!


Find out more about Free the Children and Me to We



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