The Diviners: Libba Bray

7728889Rating: ☕☕☕☕☕

I haven’t read a YA fantasy book this good in A LONG time. This book was simply AMAZING 🙂 I don’t know if it’s because this book really is an incredible gem or because I just got out of a semester full of Canadian Lit (BLAH. Why is our literature so BORING?!) but I ABSOLUTELY LOVED this book and I am most definitely looking forward to the next installments of The Diviners series!

This book had elements of all the things I love, including fantasy, history and a good murder mystery. The story was able to combine all three genres so successfully that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it. The opening scene with the Ouija board and New York in the Roaring Twenties immediately sucked me in and didn’t let me go!

Set in 1926, The Diviners tells the story of young Evie O’Neill who is sent to live in New York with her bachelor uncle who owns a museum dedicated to the supernatural and the occult. Evie herself has a strange power where she can read a person and their secrets by holding an object that belongs to them. During her stay with her uncle, a series of strange murders take place and maybe, just maybe, her quirky gift can help catch a serial killer who may have some… supernatural qualities of his own. The amazing cast of characters includes a humble plain girl named Mabel, Uncle Will’s assistant Jericho, flapper Theta, pianist Henry, numbers runner Memphis and pick pocket Sam. All of the characters have elaborate and complicated pasts and I was enthralled by all of their stories.

The murder mystery is established early and I loved reading the spookiness of it all. Another aspect I loved was the chapters interspersed throughout the main narrative about the murder victims and their last moments on earth with the madman. In these chapters we could catch glimpses of the killer and feel the terror of the victims. I mean, the murderer whistled and sang a CHILDREN’S RHYME. HOW BRILLIANT IS THAT? HOW UNBELIEVABLY CREEPY. I LOVED it 🙂 Did I say that already?

Along with the murder chapters, the amazing Libba Bray would also break the narrative to insert chilling and haunting pieces about ghostly things that were happening throughout the country, and  glimpses at historical events relative to the story and the characters’ backgrounds. It sounds like the story might be jumpy and disjointed but IT WORKED. It worked brilliantly.

I gave this book 5 teacups (the first book I’ve rated this high in a long time) because the little issues I had with it aren’t even really important enough to mention. But now that I’ve mentioned I had qualms I have to follow through, don’t I? I’m not going to lie, Evie kind of annoyed me at the beginning. I thought she was kind of obnoxious, but she grew on me I guess, even though she is not my favourite character in the book by far. That honor belongs to the wonderful uncle, Will Fitzgerald and the fabulous Theta Knight.

Anyway. What are you still doing reading this blog?? My advice is to STEP AWAY from the computer, grab this book and read immediately! Go on. Whether this book is waiting patiently on your shelf at home or at your nearest book store take it down and ENJOY 🙂 I sure did!


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