Surefire Ways to Annoy a Book Lover


We all have them, no matter what type of person we are. There are always those little things that get on your nerves SO much that they become triggers of overwhelming fury and hatred. Not the least bit melodramatic, am I?

Want to annoy a person who loves dogs? Go on about how cats are clearly the superior animal. A Potterhead? Just tell them how Robert Pattinson played such a bigger role with Edward Cullen. Or how about a Whovian? “Wait. Who is David Tennant?”

Yepp. There are seemingly endless ways to get on someone’s nerves when it comes to the things they are passionate about. Us book lovers definitely have our fair share of bookish pet-peeves! Here I’ve complied a list of my top book-related annoyances and I feel rather confident that if you are also a fellow bibliophile, you will find this absolutely maddening as well.

Nothing like mutual annoyances to bring people together, eh? 😝  I hope you enjoy!

1. “Supper’s ready!!!” 
Interruptions. It’s the worst when people jolt you out of your fictional world repeatedly for less important things. Like reality…

2. Stickers that don’t peal easily off books 
Yes, the one thing my book was missing was a big, gaping hole in the cover. Much better. I mean it’s 2016! You’d think we’d have stickers that don’t leave residue by now. Come on, sticker companies.

3. “Hermy-one? Herman? Herme-own-hey?” 
Saying characters’ names wrong or mixing up characters in general. Whether you find out you have been pronouncing a name wrong or you know somebody who constantly does this, it’s always a just a tad irritating.

4. “Why would I read the book? I’ll just watch the movie.”
EVERYONE knows that movies can rarely compare to the book. The book just gives us richer detail, a more in depth look into the characters’ minds, and provides us with more time to spend in the worlds we love. And don’t get me started on horrible casting.

5. “Reading is boring”
Like some unknown person on the magical world wide web once said… If you think reading is boring, you’re doing it wrong.

6. That one amazing author that only has like two books. 
Come on Khaled Hosseini! Markus Zusak! WRITE MORE. Please??

7. “Can I borrow this book?” 
When people borrow your books and return them in such horrible condition that you need dental records to identify them. Or worse… don’t return them at all.

8. The pain you have to endure while waiting for the sequel
“Man oh man, this book was AH-MAH-ZING. Wait… WHAT? The next one isn’t coming out until 2018?!?!?! WHHHYY??”

9. “You read too much”
Read too much? I don’t understand this concept you speak of.. What is too much reading? I don’t thing such a thing exists.

10. “It’s just a book”
Tell that to the very real pain my soul is feeling this very moment at the hands of this paperback. Just a book.. pffft.

11. “You’re reading that book AGAIN?”
Yes. Yes I am. It is a masterpiece. I physically miss it when it’s not around. You watch your favourite movies more that once, no?

12. When your mom says you can’t buy more books because you already have too many
I’m truly sorry, mother. I know my book addiction is severe, but hey! At least you don’t have to worry about me spending money on drugs or alcohol! No siree, just straight up literature for this gal please.

13. Weight limits on planes
Traveling with books can be a pain. They are heavy and you can’t bring all the books you want so you’re faced with a decision: should you bring one of your favourites or take a chance on the new gem you bought last week? Let’s just stay home, shall we?

14. “I wish I had more time to read. I’m just so busy.” 
This statement seems innocent enough, however it is often accompanied by the question: “How do you find the time to read so much?” I don’t know. To me these statements or questions come across as judgemental or condescending in a way that implies that we have so much free time to sit around and read all day. Not true! We’re all busy! Anyone can read as much as they want, you just have to make sure that you  set aside some time for reading. With our busy schedules, we need to make reading a priority. This is how I get “so much” reading done. Okay. Rant over 😝

15. Paperback vs. Hardcovers
You just can’t win. Paperbacks are not sturdy enough, but hardcovers are so expensive. Not to mention HEAVY. Reading a hardcover can be a serious arm workout.

And finally….

16. “Snape kills Dumbledore!”
Spoilers are just NOT COOL. There is no punishment severe enough for the people who ruin the moments of pure and unadulterated shock, sadness, happiness, and pretty much any other overwhelming emotion that is born of a thrilling plot twist. Why would you want to ruin the story experience for someone? WHY?

So that’s it! Do you have any bookish pet peeves that I forgot to put here? Comment below and let me know!



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