Thirteen Days to Midnight: Patrick Carman

7155027Rating: ☕️ ☕️


This book was alright. It had a really interesting premise about superpowers and what one would do if they had the ability to save people. There were a lot of deep questions that were explored about playing God and yada yada yada.
So why the lack of enthusiasm? It could be because it is 3 AM and I am a zombie right now……. It’s been one of those nights when I’m up reading…. not because the book was so good but because I just wanted to get it over with. Not the most positive thing to say in a review, but it’s the truth!

Anyway. What annoyed me most about the book was (of course) the fact that the main character, Jacob Fielding, sees the hot, blonde new girl and IMMEDIATELY falls in love with her. Seriously. They kiss on like the second or third day they know each other, and by the end of the book they have known each other for…… count them….. THIRTEEN DAYS and he is so in love with her he wants to die for her… blah blah BLAH.
I don’t think it would have annoyed me as much if it was a normal relationship… but throughout the book it seemed like Oh (the girl’s name…. I know… ) had some weird influence over him, and I was led to believe that she was insane or somehow connected to the superpower that Jacob had, but NOPE. He is ACTUALLY just stupidly in love with her. You know the kind of annoying “love” I mean. He swoons when she bats her eyelashes, wants to do whatever she tells him to because she says it in an adorable voice and endlessly describes how perfect she is. That’s right PERFECT. Can you get more annoying? Jacob acts more like a teenage girl than I ever did!

Despite that setback it was pretty good for the fact that it was a quick, light read. Like I said, good premise, but all in all I found the conclusion wanting. How it was wrapped up was alright but it could have been so much better with the ideas that were was tossed around in the book.



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