Browsing the Bookstore


Exploring the mazes of bookshelves makes for a pretty awesome day

There are few things better in this world than being able to waste the day away in the best place on earth: the bookstore❤️ I was recently able to spend a day in the wonderful Indigo (Canada’s Barnes and Noble) when my mom and I decided to spend the day out and about. My mom is a fan of places like Winners and loves to shop for things like clothes, but let’s be real. Whenever I have the option to spend the day shopping, I’m spending all my money on books! So, mom dropped me off at Indigo, and I was able to spend hours browsing the bookshelves, consuming Starbucks lattes for sustenance, and sitting down to begin to write all about it!

I don’t know about you, but whenever I spend a considerable amount of time at a bookstore like Chapters or Indigo, I have a routine. Yes, I know I’m a weirdo. This routine takes one of two forms:

  1. I buy Starbucks and sip while I’m browsing the bookshelves, or
  2. I will explore the bookshelves and then sit and read or do work in Starbucks. Trust me when I say that many essays and a lot of studying have taken place in Starbucks after a good book browsing session!

My heart can’t handle the excitement for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.

This trip was off to a wonderful start when I was greeted by a Harry Potter display table. Honestly, I find it extremely difficult to contain my excitement about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child coming out later this month. I’m aware that it isn’t a true new Harry Potter novel, but come on. We’re getting another physical book with a new story from the Harry Potter world! How exciting is that?! Luckily, the Chapters where I live is having a midnight release party, and I definitely want to go!

After this, I spent hours exploring the shelves. That’s literally it. I can spend forever searching for books I’ve heard of and want to check out, or just going through the shelves one by one to see if any title catches my eye. I know I’m not the only book lover who lives for this stuff! I remember when this method was the primary way of discovering new books, before I discovered all of my books on the internet and BookTube 😛 Remember those days? I still love doing things the old fashioned way from time to time. The next book I really want to buy is Romeo and/or Juliet by Ryan North. This book is a pick and choose adventure and just seems like so much fun! It also has a lot of really cool illustrations that make the book simply beautiful. I didn’t pick it up today, but I definitely will soon!


A peek at my most anticipated future purchase.

And that was that! After browsing, I spent the rest of the day lounging in Starbucks sipping on my favourite vanilla latte like the pretentious coffee drinker I am 😛 While there I dipped in and out of New World Fairy Tales which is taking me a very long time to read considering its size. I also started writing this blog post! How classy does that make me feel? Writing a blog post in Starbucks 💁🏼 We’ll just go with it and let me have my moment 😛


Blogging and reading in good ol’ Starbs.

I guess that ends this post! I haven’t written anything for the “My Literary Life” page, so I figured I should try it out. I promise these entries will get better as time goes on! So how about you? Do you love wasting the day away in a bookstore as much as I do? Where are your favourite haunts? Do you enjoy new or used bookstores? Let me know in the comments!






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