Modern Romance: Aziz Ansari

23453112Rating: ☕☕☕☕☕

This book was wonderfully hilarious, incredibly interesting, and although it was non-fiction, it sparked a wide range of emotions in me. Aziz Ansari is such a funny comedian, and I loved his sense of humour in this book so much, that after I finished reading it, I watched hours of his stand up comedy. I love it! His personality jumped off the page and I laughed out loud multiple times. It was kind of embarrassing when I was reading it on the bus… but moving on…

Modern Romance talks about what it is to date and fall in love in the modern age. It covers all kinds of topics, such as comparing love and dating in the present day to fifty years ago. Although fifty years is not a long time, the change has been incredible due to the introduction of technology to our dating lives. In fact, one of the main focuses of this book is the impact of technology on dating and I was transfixed. I don’t know why, but I found this whole topic incredibly interesting! As someone who didn’t really date all that much before I found the guy I’m with now, I was fascinated by the modern dating world. Honestly I was in the middle of wishing I got to explore this world a little more, but ultimately I found myself being incredibly thankful that I’ve found my person, because this new world seems very scary! 😛

Even though I gave this book five teacups without hesitation, there was one tiny negative for me, but I know that it is entirely a personal hangup. Near the end of the book, Ansari starts researching and discussing open relationships. It made me kind of uncomfortable because I didn’t like the idea of an open relationship at all! I couldn’t knock any stars off the book for it because it is an aspect of modern romance and it is definitely worth an investigation. Plus it was interesting to read about people who enjoy or have experienced an open relationship. The fact that I wouldn’t want one doesn’t take anything away from this book or my opinion of the people who do agree to open relationships.

Now on to more parts that I loved! I really enjoyed reading about online dating, dating in different cultures, and the interviews with the older and younger generations. The interviews in the nursing home were hilarious to read, simply because of Ansari’s account of interacting with the elders. Also, looking at early courting text messages between people made me nostalgic for my own, and I actually went through my early chat logs with my boyfriend. It made me very giddy 😊

One of the major thought-provoking observations Ansari makes is the fact that the modern generation is so obsessed with finding the perfect person, that they often let awesome people slip through their fingertips. The older generation seemed to just marry the first person who came along, and they worked hard, fell in love, and developed strong friendships. With online dating and seeking perfection, we always have that thought in the back of our minds that there could be someone else, someone better, someone who doesn’t leave dirty socks all over the apartment! It was so interesting to realize that slight imperfections could now become deal breakers because, due to online dating, we have a seemingly infinite amount of fish in the sea. As Ansari states, the bigger pool could be a contradictory downfall that seriously hinders us from finding “the one.”

One aspect I would have liked to see explored a little bit more was long distance relationships. I (unfortunately) had to suffer a long distance relationship for six months, and I would have liked to see the research, or the impact of technology on those kinds of relationships. I could probably write my own book on that topic 😛 Long distance sucks, and personally, I was eternally grateful for the technology at our fingertips to keep in touch. I would definitely like to read a book about the relationship dynamic and technological impacts of long distance relationships, although it might just drag up some bad memories!

So, needless to say I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend this book. It is the perfect combination of funny and informative, and it is definitely one of the best non-fiction books I’ve read. This will certainly be one of my favourite books of 2016!


To learn more about Aziz Ansari visit his website here –>

I have a feeling that this would be an awesome audiobook! If you’re interested, you can find it on Audible here –>

Here is one of Aziz Ansari’s full stand up acts. I watched this one right after reading the book and it’s hilarious! –>


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