41 Thoughts I Had While Reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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After reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, I was not ready to leave the Wizarding World. The script went by way too fast and the nature of the story was so quick that I wanted to go back and reread one of my favourite Harry Potter books. I chose Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and I loved every minute of this reread (of course). This was my fourth time reading this book, and because I’ve read it and loved it so many times, I don’t really want to write a review because I can’t write my initial thoughts and feelings. It’s been so long since I’ve first read this book and Harry Potter is so beloved to me that writing a review doesn’t seem right. So instead, I want to make a Buzzfeed-like list of 41 thoughts I had while rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I’ll post this on my Book Reviews page, even though it is literally just a list of my thoughts. Without further ado, here is the list!

1. I’ve always felt like this book was the most immersive. For some reason, I feel the most absorbed in the world when I’m reading The Order of the Phoenix. There’s so much depth, and all the important information you need to know going into the end of the series is revealed here. You learn about the prophecy that marks Harry as “The Chosen One” and Sirius is still alive ❤️  We also get to meet the Order and characters like Tonks, Kingsley, and Luna. This book is just so wonderful! Kind of underrated to be honest.

2. Oh how I’ve missed sassy Harry! (Talking about the news) “It changes everyday, you see.” 😑

3. Angsty Harry is making an early appearance: wanting to pick fights with Dudley and co.? Come on, Harry, get a grip!

4. Harry’s blow up at Ron and Hermione about not talking to him all summer was pretty harsh. Classic angsty Harry. Can’t you see they feel bad and they wanted to write to you all summer?

5. A glimpse of The Quibbler before we meet Luna! #rereadperks

6. Dumbledore is actually hilarious. (Talking about Harry’s trial time change) “I must have missed it. Luckily, I arrived at the Ministry three hours early so no harm done.” Ahaha 😊

7. Fudge rage! He is so obviously looking to find Harry guilty that it’s annoying. The hatred of Fudge starts now.

8. YES THERE WERE DEMENTORS, FUDGE. Harry needed to SAVE Dudley’s LIFE. Open your eyes!

9. Fred and George ❤️ Molly: “Prefect! That makes everyone in the family!” George: “What are Fred and I, next-door neighbours?”

10. Harry is being annoying again when he is offended and confused that Ron made prefect over him. Admittedly, Dumbledore would have made him prefect without everything going on, but Harry doesn’t need to be so surprised. Ron is awesome too! That “Boy Who Lived” stuff can really get to his head sometimes.

11. The scene where Mrs. Weasley is trying to get rid of the boggart and sees everyone she loves dead is heartbreaking. Not to mention that she sees Fred and George lying dead together side by side 😔

12. I love that the chapter is actually called “Luna Lovegood” and that the chapter ends with the classic “You’re just as sane as I am” quote. Least comforting comment in the world 😛

13. UMBRIDGE. Where does this bitch think she comes from interrupting Dumbledore’s speech?!? 😡

14. Yes Hermione, you tell off Harry! He definitely needs to be called out for biting their heads off every two seconds.

15. A Voldemort in Harry’s head makes for a very angsty Harry.

16. Ugh. Ron and Harry are complaining about wizard homework again. I wish I had wizard homework! I also just realized… the essays they have to write are not very long. Snape assigned them a foot-long piece of parchment and the standard length of a piece of paper is 11 inches. Are you telling me that all these essays they complain about writing are only a page? Yes please! I can definitely write a page about potions.

17. “Have a biscuit, Potter.” McGonagall is queen.

18. The first scene when Umbridge makes Harry write “I must not tell lies” always gave me the chills. The quill is so horrible and her girlish, happy demeanour just makes the whole thing creepy. She is such a sadistic biatch.

19. Fred and George should have got “Exceeds Expectations” on all of their OWLs just for showing up to the exam 😛

20. When I read this for the first time as a kid, Sirius was my favourite character. As I’ve grown up and re-read the series, I’ve realized that this is not the case. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Sirius, but let’s be real. He is a troublemaker who is more of a buddy than a father figure. I have to say that Lupin has surpassed Sirius for me on the scale of amazing father figures. He is such a calm and comforting presence and he is so good for Harry. Lupin is my favourite! ❤️

21. The rivalry between McGonagall and Umbridge is so good. I love it because McGonagall hates Umbridge so much! One of my favourite moments is when Umbridge is observing McGonagall’s class and McGonagall says, “I wonder how you expect to gain an idea of my usual teaching methods if you continue to interrupt me? You see, I do not generally permit people to talk when I’m talking.” McGonagall is such a boss.

22. So there’s a part in here when Dobby is talking about how Winky gets drunk all the time and that the Room of Requirement has provided him with antidotes to Butterbeer. Does this mean that Butterbeer is actually alcohol and they are giving it to thirteen year olds in Hogsmeade? I’ve always wondered about the mysteries of Butterbeer. There are also descriptions of people feeling warm and happy when they drink it. Is it actually alcohol? Or is it some kind of magical drink that has some of the same effects? Does anyone know the answer to this question?!

23. Lee Jordan’s Quidditch commentary has been so much fun since book one. Especially when McGonagall gets mad at him 😆

24. OMG. The lifelong ban from Quidditch at Umbridge’s hands. I have actual rage when I think of Umbridge and how power drunk she is. I can’t even explain the horrible feelings I get when she exploits her power. Any of us who have read Harry Potter are the only ones who can understand this rage!

25. One of the things that I didn’t appreciate in the movies was that they killed off Neville’s parents. I thought their fate in the book was definitely more tragic and sad. The scene where we run into Neville at the hospital and we get a brief glimpse of his parents breaks my heart. Especially when his mom gives him a wrapper and Neville puts it in his pocket 😔

26. Dumbledore’s badass evasion of the Ministry: “You seem to be labouring under the delusion that I am going to – what is the phrase? – come quietly. I am afraid that I am not going to come quietly at all, Cornelius.” Not only does he avoid Azkaban, but he is so witty when he does it.

27. We see more abuse of power when the Inquisitorial Squad is granted the power to dock points. The sense of helplessness we feel with our heroes when it comes to Umbridge running Hogwarts is indescribable and so frustrating while reading this book!

28. When Umbridge tells Harry that the Ministry is watching all the fires in the castle expect for her own. HA! What an idiot 😛

29. Yeah, here is when we find out that Harry’s dad was an asshole.

30. In regards to wizard careers, it’s kind of a joke that you can either teach at Hogwarts or work for the Ministry. Here we see that’s not the case. When the trio is going through career pamphlets, we see that you can be pretty much anything in the Wizarding World that you can be in the actual one. Law enforcement, doctors, lawyers, athletes, teachers, writers, entertainers, business owners. There is a lot to do in the Wizarding World!

31. Fred and George’s exit from Hogwarts remains one of the best parts of the whole series. “Give her hell from us, Peeves!”

32. How freaky would it be to fly in the air without being able to see what is holding you?!?!? NO THANKS. I’ll avoid Thestral travel thanks.

33. Also, Harry rushing to save Sirius/not really trying to learn Occlumency/ignoring the mirror Sirius gave him as a way to communicate were all stupid decisions on his part. If all this wasn’t done, I’m sure shit wouldn’t have went down the way it did. (aka Sirius might still be alive). 

34. The Department of Mysteries is SO much cooler in the book than it is in the movie. Where is the revolving room and all of the other awesome rooms?!? The brain room? The time room? Where are they?!

35. LOL. Harry and co. actually think they can take on the Death Eaters.

36. And then the A-Team bursts in. That’s right! It’s the Order to the Rescue.

37. SIRIUS 💔💔💔💔😭😭😭😭

38. The battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort is so awesome. This is where we get to see two incredibly powerful wizards go head to head. Definitely the most epic duel in the series.

39. And then Dumbledore reveals all that we need to know about the prophecy. Still keeping the horcruxes from us though! Silly Dumbledore.

40. I also remember not accepting Sirius’s death when I read this for the first time. I was right there with Harry when I thought he could be a ghost, or maybe we could get a portrait of him. Sirius couldn’t really be gone could he? 😔

41. When Harry arrives at King’s Cross and sees the Order waiting for him 😊 Even though I wish he could have just spent the summer with them, it was pretty funny watching them threaten the Dursleys.  

And that was it! Of course I had many many MANY more thoughts than this while reading, but I think this is a good little summary. I don’t really have anything else to say other than I love Harry Potter so much and I will definitely continue to reread them throughout my life. (As if that really needed to be said 😛)



7 thoughts on “41 Thoughts I Had While Reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

  1. tomehuntress says:

    OMG! This is brilliant, I love it so much! Fred and George exit from Hogwarts is also one of my favorite scenes and book 5 is my favorite among the series. Btw, I don’t recall butterbeer as alcoholic, otherwise Harry and co. wouldn’t have been allowed to drink it. I vaguely remember reading It has a different effect on house elves, though I can’t be sure as it has been years since I’ve read the series.

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