Crazy Rich Asians: Kevin Kwan

18373213Rating: ☕☕☕☕

This book was so much fun! I found Crazy Rich Asians on a list of beach reads for 2015, and I have to say, it definitely fit the bill! This book actually put me in a little bit of  slump because I was not ready to leave this world once I closed the final page. I wish I had China Rich Girlfriend so I could have read it right away!

This novel introduces us to Rachel Chu and her boyfriend, Nick Young. These two have been dating for a couple of years, but Nick has failed to tell her that he comes from an incredibly wealthy family in Singapore. Like insanely rich. Billions and billions of dollars rich. Just as the title suggests, it was crazy to read about. This was Upper East Side to the MAX meets Asian culture. I couldn’t get over the extravagance, the glamour, the snobbiness, and the drama. Admittedly, this is almost like a guilty pleasure read, because let’s be honest, the drama of the upper upper UPPER class seems pretty shallow and silly. But following Rachel through the hell she deals with at the hands of first class bitches, as well as gushing at the adorable romance between her and Nick made for an addicting read.

If you take a look at my Pop Sugar Reading Challenge for 2016, you’ll see that I marked this book as one with a culture I was unfamiliar with. That was certainly true, as I have never read anything set in Singapore, let alone among the Singaporean elite. As I read I kept asking myself “holy moly, do these people actually exist?!” I had no idea that there was such wealth and extravagance there. As far as I know, Canada doesn’t really have anything that beats Upper East Side Manhattan. I’ve never heard of anyone spending millions of dollars in one jewelry store trip. (Yes that happens in this book!) I guess it just goes to show how trapped in the Western bubble I am since I was completely ignorant about this upper class culture. I’ve always meant to read and learn more about Asian countries, and I definitely want to pick up more in the future, even though I am aware that this particular read may be a little skewed 😛

In regards to the story and writing style, this book almost read like a rom-com and I couldn’t help but think how awesome it would be as a movie. It would be the perfect Sandra Bullock kind of chick flick (excuse the term for lack of a better one) that doesn’t seem to be released anymore. I’ve loved those kinds of films ever since I was a preteen because they always put me in a good mood. Crazy Rich Asians would be a perfect edition to the favourite rom-com list. It actually reminded me of the movie The Prince and Me with Julia Stiles. Same kind of plot where girl finds out that the boy she’s been dating is incredibly rich and then having to deal with the lifestyle. I know, it must be such a hard life 😛 But joking aside, some of the people in this world are unrelentingly ruthless and judgemental. Their logic when it comes to what type of people they should associate with and that appearance is the most important thing is crazy to try and wrap your head around.

The reason I didn’t give this one a full five teacups is that I found it dragged a little bit at the beginning and in the middle whenever the characters talked about certain people and their wealth or properties. There were times when we would get the perspective of someone who was not a main character, and these tended to be the info-dump sections. I just wanted to keep going with the story of our main characters! But the more I think about this book, the more I want to boost the rating! The action really picked up in the end with Rachel, Nick, and Nick’s cousin, Audrey. I don’t want to give anything away at all so you’ll just have to read and find out what kind of shenanigans go down.

I would definitely recommend this book if you are looking for an awesome contemporary. It’s fun, emotional, and certainly a wild ride. I cannot wait to get my hands on China Rich Girlfriend as soon as I can!


If you want to learn more about Kevin Kwan and his books, visit his website here –>

Turns out Kevin Kwan does come from this world. To read his interview with Vanity Fair click here –>


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