Homegoing: Yaa Gyasi

27071490Rating: ☕☕☕☕ 1/2

When I sat down to read this book, I didn’t take a break until I was at least halfway through. It was so wonderful to get in my comfy chair and become lost in the words as the rest of the world slipped away. It has been a while since I’ve started a book and felt so immersed in it. Personally, I love stories that span different characters or generations, and Homegoing was a book of this nature that was beautifully written.

Beginning with two sisters in 18th century Ghana, Homegoing tells the story of what happens to them and their decedents as one is sold into slavery and one is married to a white man. One downfall of books that are structured in a way that gives little glimpses into different characters’ lives is that some of the perspectives can be really boring. I didn’t find that this was the case with this book at all! While reading, I found myself thinking I would put down the book once I finished with a certain story; however, once I read the first few sentences of the next story, I was immediately intrigued by this new character and their life. I can’t recall any character perspectives that I didn’t enjoy. This is certainly a sign of great storytelling!

Homegoing is probably my favourite debut novel of 2016, so obviously I would recommend this one! I think if you are interested at all in African and American history, this is a book for you, and even if you are simply a fan of good storytelling, this is a book for you! It’s hard to believe that this is Yaa Gyasi’s first novel and I’ll be interested to see what she puts out next!


To learn more about Yaa Gyasi and her work, you can read a few articles by clicking these links –>  http://time.com/4357214/homegoing-yaa-gyasi-profile/




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