It Ends With Us: Colleen Hoover

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Wow. What a way to start my 2017 reading year ❤️  This. Book. Was. Incredible. I’m still reeling with emotion, and I finished this one a couple of days ago. This story was so powerful and it will be a book that stays with me for the rest of my life. I think absolutely everyone should read It Ends With Us. First book of the year, five teacups, WIN.

***I highly recommend you go into this book knowing as little as possible in order to get the full impact of the story. I will be MAJORLY spoiling this book in my review because I want to remember all of my thoughts and feelings about it. Please, go read the book and come back if you want to know all of my opinions. I promise, you won’t regret reading this one! Now, SPOILERS AHEAD!***

I went into this book knowing very little about it, although I knew that abusive relationships were a part of this story. I also thought it was going to be a cutesy love story, therefore, as I was reading I thought that the abuse covered in this novel had to do with her mother and father. I did not think (or did not hope) that Ryle was going to become the abuser that he was.

This book was just so smart. I absolutely love the way that Hoover introduced us to this relationship because it happened in the natural way that an abusive relationship develops. We were all there with Lily when she fell in love with Ryle and we loved how charming, sweet, and sexy he was. Therefore, we are just as hurt, shocked, and conflicted with our feelings as Lily was when we see Ryle’s darker side. This book was such an eye opener to why it is so difficult for the victims of abusive relationships to leave. It is so easy for outsiders to judge and say “why doesn’t she just leave?” or “I wouldn’t put up with that and I would be gone” but it’s often more complicated than that. If you are in a relationship, chances are you have a history of wonderful moments and love. It is not so easy to leave all of that behind without a second thought, especially when there are parts of that person that you love with all of your heart. This book is just so brilliant at making you realize these things and at making you think.

Lily has also become one of my favourite characters I’ve ever read. Throughout her whole journey I had nothing but respect for her and her situation. When she became the “victim” of an abusive relationship, I never once judged her, because I was right there with her throughout her whole thought process. She knew that she was in an abusive relationship and that she had to leave, but she found it extremely difficult because of the happiness and love she had experienced with Ryle. She was so incredibly strong throughout this entire book, and I loved the way she made her ultimate decision. I loved that even after Lilly and Ryle were separated, it was her baby girl that led her to ask for a divorce. You often hear of couples staying together “for the children” or mothers not leaving an abusive relationship because they don’t want their children to “be without a father.” I loved Lilly’s internal dialogue in which she thought that she didn’t want her daughter to see her father at his worst and that she truly believed that her baby and Ryle could have the best relationship if Lilly and Ryle were not together.

And now I would like to talk about one final thing that I enjoyed while reading this book, and that was the Ellen Diaries. I loved diving back in time and reading the Ellen Diaries and learning about her relationship with Atlas. And Atlas ❤ He is absolutely wonderful, lovely, and dreamy! Lily and Atlas’s teen love story was so adorable, although tough, and I was so happy when we saw him in modern day with such a successful life! I was so proud to see that he owned his own restaurant and really made a life for himself after all of his hardships. What I appreciated the most about his character was that he was not the knight in shining armour. Yes, he was there for Lily when she needed him, and he recognized the abuse. However, he simply provided support for her while she made all of her decisions on her own. Lily saved herself and Atlas was there when she was ready for him. I definitely wouldn’t have like the book as much if Lily had someone else to solve her problems for her or if she was “saved” by another man 😛


So yes, I love love LOVE this book! I highly recommend that everyone read this, regardless of whether you enjoy Colleen Hoover’s books or not. I’ve come to believe that It Ends With Us is a cut above the rest. This book broke my heart and made it sing, all in a couple of sittings. I’m sorry that this review is pretty much a huge gush fest, but I can’t help how much I loved this book! I think that Kami Garcia said it best in her blurb for this novel: “Every person with a heartbeat should read this book.”


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