I Crawl Through It: A.S. King

23203744Rating: ☕1/2

So yeah… This one didn’t hit home with me. I’m finding that for the most part, A.S. King’s books are only okay for me. I loved Everybody Sees The Ants, however, Reality Boy and Glory O’Briens’ History of The Future were pretty meh. This one was probably my least favourite because it just seemed so convoluted and a little too out there. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate “deep” books with metaphor and a magical realism element, but I Crawl Through It seemed to be trying too hard to make everything nonsensical. Although I had a pretty good idea about what was happening in these characters’ real lives, things still didn’t make sense.

This book was an interesting attempt to depict teenagers dealing with certain traumas, and out of the four characters, I think I felt 100% certain of two of their issues. The other two, I could only guess at what they were dealing with and I actually found myself questioning their actual existence 😛 Overall I was a bit annoyed with the characters because they spouted so much mumbo jumbo all of the time, and then I felt bad that I was annoyed because this book was supposed to be an exploration of trauma 😛

I think that when a book tries to discuss themes involving trauma and dealing with hardship, it should be a bit more relatable. I think that King could have had the same magical realism premise, but made it a bit more tangible so that readers could relate. I think that she did this brilliantly and beautifully with the topic of bullying in Everybody Sees The Ants. I thought it was a shame that she tried to deal with topics such as death and rape, and I was ultimately unmoved by it all because the writing was so bogged down with the fantastical elements.

If you are a fan of A.S. King, I think you may enjoy this one. Just be aware that it is definitely one of her more nonsensical and ambitious works. I wouldn’t recommend I Crawl Through It as anyone’s first A.S. King book, and really I think you would be fine to skip this one altogether. However, I will never stop recommending Everybody Sees The Ants (even in reviews in which it is not the subject 😛 )


To learn more about A.S. King and her work, you can click here –> https://www.as-king.com/


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