Milk and Honey: Rupi Kaur

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I have to be honest, I was underwhelmed by this one. I’ve been really wanting to read more modern poetry, because in collections I’ve read (such as Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson) there were lines that have made my heart sing ❤️ I want to find more beautiful poetry that will strike me with its mastery of language and warm my heart. Despite the hype, Milk and Honey fell short of the mark for me. I think there were four poems that stood out to me, but not in any profound way.

This poetry collection was divided into a few different parts and in her poems Kaur discusses topics like abuse, rape, falling in love, and having a relationship fall apart. Although these issues are very touching, I found that she didn’t really do anything different with them. I feel I would have been more impressed if she used more interesting language or thought of unique metaphors. I don’t want to sound like a poetry snob (especially because I have read very little poetry), but for a lot of the poems I felt she was simply writing prose and hitting the “Enter” key a lot.

That being said, I did find three or four of the poems that I thought were particularly striking. But only three or four out of the whole book doesn’t seem like a success to me. Even though I wasn’t a fan, I know that so many people are. You may want to give this one a try, especially if you can relate more to the issues she has dealt with. Personally, I think this one is a bit overhyped! Hopefully I will be a little more successful on my next poetry adventure.


To find out more about Rupi Kaur and her work you can click here –>

Here are some video links!

To watch a chatty Rupi Kaur video click here –>

To hear Rupi Kaur read from Milk and Honey click here –>

Here is a TEDTalk that Kaur did called “I’m Taking My Body Back” –>



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