Book Reviews

cropped-12803172_10156656311275422_2813738266727031457_n.jpg*List of reviews below this entry*

No book blog would be complete without a section full of good ol’ book reviews. What book lover doesn’t like to rant about the books they hated and gush over ones they loved? Not only are there sure to be strong opinions and emotions, but I also aim to make my reviews as informative as possible to help readers decide if they want to embark upon the adventure a certain book has to offer. Who knows? Maybe reading these reviews will lead you to a new fave or save you from wasting endless hours on a dud. 

*A note on how I rate these books*
To shake things up a little bit and make life a smidgen more exciting, I’m not going to use stars to rate my books. Instead I will be using teacups. Why teacups you ask? Well, being as avid a tea drinker as I am a reader, it only seems appropriate. My magnificently wonderful reading moments are never complete without a book in one hand and a nice cuppa in the other! Naturally, the more teacups a book gets, the better it is because you will spend so much time sitting there reading that you’ll have to keep refilling that teacup! We’ll just go with it… 

The Scale:

☕  = STRONGLY dislike. Possibly even hate. Stay away! 
☕☕  = Meh. S’alright.
☕☕☕  = Liked it. 
☕☕☕☕  = Reeeeeeaaaallllly liked it! 🙂 
☕☕☕☕☕  = It was AMAZING! 😀 

Here is a nice list in which you can have all of the reviews in front of you for easy access (listed in alphabetical order):